Wooden flowers?

Custom Designed Floral Wood Arrangements

What are the perks of wooden flowers?

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider wood flowers for your home decor, wedding, events, or as gifts for friends and loved ones.


While wood flowers are relatively new to the scene and are catching on quickly, they are still very unique, especially for events and weddings. Each and every arrangement is hand made making them one of a kind for decor, events, and  weddings. There is nothing better than favors or centerpieces that guest can keep forever!

Year Round Beauty

Wood flowers offer a unique bonus when compared to regular flowers, as all the styles are available year round. You don’t have to miss out because your favourite flower isn’t in season, or is double or triple the cost because it’s not in season or hard to find.


You can customize the scent of your bouquet as well! You can apply essential oils to the back of any flower and the flower will hold the scent. Reapply as necessary. Make it springy and fresh, or keep it calming and zen.


Wood flowers are very comparable to fresh flowers for costs. The major bonus is that they last forever, unlike real flowers that shrivel and die in a few days. The value is in wood flowers, whether it is a centerpiece for your table or your wedding flowers, when you invest, you have flowers that lasts.


There are so many styles of flowers available and the color options are endless. Each flower is hand dyed by PCD and can be matched to the color schemes of your home, or to your vision of the big day.


So many people have allergies but with wood flowers, that problem vanishes! Have the appeal of a fresh floral arrangement on your table without the watery eyes and sniffles!


With little to no maintenance, wood flowers are the way to go no matter the color of your thumb. Flowers are best dusted as needed with a compressed air can cleaner. Dyed flowers should not be placed in direct sunlight for extended periods as it can fade the colors.