Common Questions

Custom Designed Floral Wood Arrangements

Some of our more common questions

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What are sola wood flowers?

The flowers I use are made from the root of a plant called aeschynomene aspera, but that’s complicated, so it is also known around the world as sola, shola, and a few other names. They have a cork or foam-y feeling, can be dyed any color, and weigh next to nothing!

How are the flowers colored?

Most commonly, I dip-dye my flowers. I can also airbrush or hand paint them. Because each flower is unique, the colors may vary slightly from flower to flower. It can also vary from one type/style of flower to another.

There are all sorts of flower types. Some have thinner or thicker petals, some have wired petals so they are most “posable,” some still have bark on them, etc. The fun part of using sola wood flowers that still have bark on them is that the bark doesn’t usually take on color. So when I dip-dye, airbrush, or hand paint the flowers, the bark shows through. It adds a nice natural, or even rustic, feel to the flowers.

Are wood flowers good for weddings?

Heck yeah, they are! They can be dyed to fit any color scheme or theme, and don’t wilt or die. Get any flower, in any color, any time of year.

Are wood flowers cheaper than real flowers?

Yes. Real flowers are becoming more and more expensive, so it’s possible wood flowers would be cheaper. In general, though, I think they’re typically about the same, upfront. Where you really save is not having to do anything to them after the wedding. No need to preserve them or turn them into something else (unless you want to!), so there is no additional spending.

How long do wood flowers last?

Forever! Or, at long as you take care of them. Keeping them out of direct sunlight and in a dry room is best. Damp basements or storage units are not great for wood flowers. They are, after all, an organic material, so mold can grow if they get wet at all.

What is a sola wood bouquet?

Exactly what it sounds like! A bouquet of flowers made from sola wood. The greenery and fillers are typically preserved or faux (entirely fake). The end result can look as realistic or stylized as you want!

Do wood flowers look real?

They do! Or, should I said, they can. If you want a realistic-looking flower, it’s completely possible. But we can also go a more stylized route, creating flowers that are not anything like what you’d find in nature. I love either approach, so it’s up to you and what you’re envisioning for your event.

How much do wood flowers cost?

It truly depends on what you’re looking to get, how many items, etc.

I would suggest filling out our online quote form to find out the cost!