Bridal Sampler box

Custom Designed Floral Wood Arrangements

Wood flower color

Bridal sampler box!

Perfect for checking your colors and being sure that you have the perfect match for your wedding bouquet and arrangements. You'll love our rustic country, vintage inspired flower arrangements for your special event!

The bridal Sampler box will have 6 flowers in their natural color of ivory or any of the 3 colors you pick. See for yourself how realistic they are! Simply select 3 colors you'd like, and we will do the rest! 

**Please note: Flower types vary (roses, zinnias, etc.), and the flower type you receive may be different from that pictured. These are meant to be samples of colors and wood flowers. If you're interested in receiving specific flower types, please contact me for a custom listing!

All sample boxes include ivory flowers that I have in stock, and may include flowers with bark. If you would like to request additional colors, please use the colour clicker. If no colors are noted, all flowers will be ivory & ivory with bark. 

Flowers are handmade, and each has unique coloring from the wood grain. Flowers have beautiful and unique imperfections, as real flowers do, giving your bouquet an elegant or rustic look. 

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