What's Your Bouquet Style?

Custom Designed Floral Wood Arrangements

Our collection of sola wood bouquets are elegant, classic and stylish. Your fabulous Bouquet will last for years to come as a memento of your wedding day. 


The Classic wood flower bouquet is rounded but not a full ball. The Classic is all about the flowers and includes simple greenery and filler to accent the look but not overpower it.


The Wild bouquet  is more vertical than wide and the Boho bouquet is more wide than vertical. Both have a loose and free vibe. Each have a handpick style. The same number of flowers vary but the greenery and fillers make these much larger bouquets.


The Garden Style is somewhere in that happy place between the Classic and the Boho. The rounded shape of the classic but with more greenery. Think of it like the Classic with a greenery upgrade. You get a flower focused bouquet with a fresh picked, hand-tied bouquet feel.

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