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The Balloon Flair

What is the "Balloon Flair?

Looking for a fun way to add a splash of color to an event and/or make a serious statement with décor? Always, right?! 

Then our trendy Organic Balloon Decor may be what you are looking for!

Prairie Chic Designs believe that with a little bit of creativity, and a vision — you can transform any space into a masterpiece (and on a budget!). Perfect for an elopement reception party, bridal shower, wedding backdrop, a birthday party, or pretty much any other kind of event, we’re really keen on colourful Organic Balloon Decor installations!

Balloons can SERIOUSLY transform a space in a big way!

We love the use of different sizes to create more interest and a bit of texture to the overall arch.

Can you imagine how cool this would be in an array of different colors? We can!!

So, if you are looking for a trendy way to transform a room or venue and want guests to be talking about your event well after the initial glow of being part has worn off - we definitely think the addition of a organic balloon arches, garland, backdrops, centerpieces and much more is such a statement for your event!

Balloons for Weddings

Weddings are elegant and memorable, which is why it is essential to decorate them with the best wedding balloons available. Elegant balloon decoration with the right colors suitable for a wedding will provide a festive ambiance – exactly what you’re going for when setting the mood.

Balloons for Birthday Parties

The truth is that birthday parties are incomplete without kids running around and playing or popping balloons around the hall. Balloons are indeed a must-have for an event like a birthday. The best part about balloons is that there are so many interesting ideas for birthday party balloon arrangements that kids and guests will absolutely love.

Balloons for Launch Parties

Colorful balloons can be displayed at a launch party to make the event look fun and exciting for every guest. When shown in different styles and patterns, colorful balloons add an extra wave of excitement and happiness among the people attending the event.

Balloons for Corporate Events

We strive to create balloon arrangements that showcase your objectives and add an extra flare of colors to the event. We know that corporate events might seem a little boring to some people, which is why it is important to have the right type of decorations in place to cheer up the crowd.

Can balloons be organic?

As a side note, it is interesting to note that fully biodegradable balloons are a standard in the industry and that latex balloons in general are all organic balloons meaning that they will decompose and return to nature at the end of their life cycle.


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